Khoa Doan

Certainly, here’s a website article about the traditional celebrations and daily life of Hanoi’s residents during special occasions

**Hanoi’s Vibrant Traditions: Celebrating Traditional Festivals** Hanoi, the heart and soul of Vietnam, is not only known for its bustling streets and rich history but also for its deep-rooted traditions and cultural celebrations. Among the most significant events are the traditional festivals, where the people of Hanoi come together to celebrate and uphold their cultural…

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Certainly, here’s a website article about an epic culinary journey through the streets of Hanoi

**A Culinary Expedition through Hanoi’s Every Nook and Cranny** Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is a gastronomic paradise where each street corner offers a culinary adventure waiting to be explored. This article takes you on a delightful journey through the diverse and delectable world of Hanoi’s street food, uncovering unique flavors and regional specialties…

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